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Dr K.Ramayya chowdary M.D

Euroeducations Overseas Consultancy ( Kalki Impex) was started in 1995 by Dr K.Ramayya chowdary M.D.We are Official Representatives Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. our company is licensed by ministry of Ukraine (license No CMO 000494). The main objective of our company is to guide the students to admit in Medical, Engineering and Aviation courses in Ukrainian universities at reasonable rates. Euroeducations Overseas Consultancy ( Kalki Impex) has successfully helped about 4000 students to complete their chosen profession in Ukraine who are today doctors and engineers in various parts of world. More than 4000 students recruited by Euroeducations Overseas Consultancy ( Kalki Impex) are studying at various leading Ukrainian universities. Euroeducations Overseas Consultancy ( Kalki Impex) remains involved with the students during the entire cycle of the academic year helping them option admission offers still they receive their degrees solving the day to day problems may arise during the stay in Ukraine .We make travel arrangements during holidays. Parents are also informed academic progress of the students every semester on regular basis


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